What is breast augmentation?

Breast augmentation surgery is primarily for women who want larger breasts. The procedure involves surgically placing breast implants under a woman's exisiting breasts, either submuscular or subglandular.


Breast augmentation surgeries have advanced considerably over the years. Modern technology and the latest implant devices allow women to substantially increase their breast size with minial risk to their health and well being.


While some women desire enormous breasts that do not compliment their existing body structure, surgeons will generally recommend a breast implant size that provides balance to a woman's existing body structure - a small framed body is not designed to support the weight of large implants. However, the decision will ultimately be hers.


How much does breast augmentation cost?

Prices will vary considerably - a surgeon in Beverly Hills, CA will more than likely charge more than a surgeon in Reno, Nevada.


Average cost of a breast augmentation procedure will run about $7,500. The surgeon will collect apprximately 60% of the total while the remainder goes toward other surgery costs. Prices will vary.


Who can benefit from breast augmentation?

Any woman who desires larger, firmer breasts can benefit from a breast augmentation surgery. Whether you simply want to increase the size or your breasts marginally, or you wish to increase your breast size substantially, a breast augmentation procedure can help you accomplish your goals.


Women of all ages desire breast enlargement for a variety of reasons. This includes women who are genetically dispositioned to having a smaller breast size - they simply want to fill out their clothes or bathing suits. Breast augmentation patients also include women who may have lost breast size as a result of extreme weight loss, pregnancy, or breast-feeding; they want to regain breast fullness and or their lost cleavage.


Will my health insurance cover the cost of the procedure?

Generally speaking, health insurance will not cover the cost of any aesthetic-improvement plastic surgery, unless it is a form of reconstructive surgery. The only way to find out for sure if your health insurance will cover the cost of your procedure is to call them directly and ask them.


How do I learn more about the procedure?

The only source of information that should be deemed reliable is a licensed, practicing surgeon that specializes in your particular procedure. To base your health-related decicions on information gathered off the internet, from friends or family, or from a book yu picked up at the library would be a major mistake. While it's great to use those sources as a means to gather general information, you should only trust advice given to you directly from a plastic surgeon.


If you're serious about having any form of plastic surgery, you will need to consult with a practicing plastic surgeon. Most surgeons offer a free initial consultation.


* Disclaimer: the content on this website is for informational purposes only. You should only seek guidance for your health-related decisions from a licensed, practicing physician.